Don't give customers a reason not to return - keep your gym disinfected.

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5 min

kill time


of bacteria killed

6 hr

drop time


Rapid kill rate with disinfectant

The disinfectants we use have a kill rate of 5 minutes meaning you can disinfect large areas in hours.

Highly trained professionals

All our staff are highly trained with disinfectants and are regularly check by quality control managers.

Target high contact points

We specifically target areas that have a lot of touches throughout the day and are a prime spot for pathogens

Cover large surface areas

Unlike traditional cleaning, the whole premises can be sterilised in a fraction of the time.

Kill airborne particles

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, fogging targets airborne particles which can hang in the air for days.

Convenient schedule

We work to your schedule, any day, any time...honestly!

Target hard to reach places

The atomised particles float around getting into the hardest to reach of places


As little or as often as you want…the choice is entirely yours.